Walk To School Week September 2022

This year we continue to work on the travel theme and we hope to apply for our 4th Green flag in the new year. Our committee are busy with monthly meetings and lots of activities to promote the travel theme and earn our next flag.

In September we took part in “Walk to school week” by making an extra effort to walk, scoot or cycle to school instead of hopping into the car. The Green schools committee conducted a survey in each class to find out how each child travelled to school, what they liked about walking to school and what they saw and heard along the way. We were delighted with the results as we saw an increase in the number of pupils walking all or part of the way to school and a decrease in the number driving all the way to the door, in comparison to last year. We hope to increase the numbers even more in the coming months when the weather improves. Lots of classes designed shoes in Art and learnt about the benefits of walking i.e. exercise, fresh air, socialising with friends and reducing harmful emissions.

In October a new bike parking shelter and scooter parking rack were installed down near the tower. These are a great facility to have and we hope they will encourage more scooting and cycling to school now that we’ve a safe place to park!