Summer in Junior Infants! (Miss Horrigan)

The last few weeks of Junior Infants were certainly busy! Here’s just a quick look at some of the activities we enjoyed during May and June!

Maths time was spent chatting and learning about ‘Money’, ‘Time’ and ‘Data’; we had great fun choosing our favourite movie, animal, fruit, superhero, etc. and representing the results on block graphs.

Gaeilge linked in nicely with Maths (Money) and Aistear (The Beach) as we focused on the topics of ‘Siopadóireacht’ and ‘An Trá’. We also learned the names of some Ainmhithe (animals).

Literacy Lift Off (LLO) came to an end on June 9th in Junior Infants. The improvement in our classroom with regard to reading, writing, phonological awareness and blending has been immense during our final term. A huge thank you to the Learning Support/Resource staff who made it possible for the children to work in small groups for the hour each day, we loved every minute of it!

We explored the ‘Woodwind’ section of the Orchestra during Music, and also learned some facts about instruments associated with Traditional Irish Music. Art gave us the opportunity to create some lovely pieces for Summer, along with making a few bits and pieces for the special Dads/Granddads in our lives to celebrate Father’s Day. We completed a ‘Show and Tell’ exercise in Drama, and this really demonstrated how much my little Juniors have grown in confidence over the last few months!

‘Making Butter’ in Science was one of our favourite (Science) lessons of the whole year! We had so much fun shaking the jar, and did such an excellent job that our butter tasted AMAZING on crackers – creamier and more delicious than you could ever buy in the shop!!

Juniors spent time at the ‘Doctor’s Surgery’, in the ‘Travel Agents’ and on ‘The Beach’ during Aistear this term. If you’ve got a broken arm/leg, want to book a holiday or need some advice on fishing/snorkelling, we’ve got you covered!

Our ‘Scooter Day’ was a lot of fun, as was ‘Active Schools Week’ (where we had Taekwondo, an Obstacle Course with 3rd class, Sports Day and a Teddy Bears Picnic) and our ‘School Tour’ to Tearaways (where we visited some animals, enjoyed the barrel train and tested out the slides)!

Thank God it’s the Summer Holidays…we definitely need a rest after all that!!!

I was SO lucky to have kind, funny, clever and very special boys and girls in my class this year. Though I’ll miss you all very much, I’m SO glad that I was your teacher this year and I’ll never forget you all.

Have a spectacular Summer everyone!