Winter in Junior Infants! (Miss Horrigan)

What a busy couple of months we’ve had since we returned to school after the Halloween break! Here is just a snapshot of what we got up to in Junior Infants since November 1st!

We looked at the topics of ‘Construction’ and ‘The Arctic’ in Aistear. Lots of fun was had at the ‘Building Site’ as the boys and girls put on their hard hats to design and build some walls, towers, houses, etc. Sleeping in an ‘igloo’ before catching a few fish for the dinner gave us an idea of what life might be like at The North Pole! We also enjoyed some ‘messy play’ as we used our sense of touch and smell to explore some snow, which Miss Horrigan made for us.

Junior Infants are doing brilliantly with English. We wrote ‘Our News’ for the first time last November, and our writing was SO neat; our teacher was very proud of us all! We are making excellent progress with our Phonics too, and have started reading and CAPER in the last while. Keep up the great work everybody!

Maths enabled us to explore and learn about 2-D Shapes, Patterns and Sequencing, along with looking at the Numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Chaitheamar am ag féachaint ar na téamaí ‘Bia’, ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’, ‘An Nollaig’ agus ‘An Aimsir’ i nGaeilge.

S.E.S.E. saw us looking at Houses and Homes, Winter (The Polar Bear and The Penguin) and Play (The Playground and Making Play-Doh). We also had lots of fun during Science Week; we made it rain, watched some raisins dance and observed what happened to an egg when left in vinegar for a couple of days…let’s just say we had a little EGGsplosion in the room!!!

We practised some lovely rhymes and poems, in both English and Irish. Our room and the corridor outside our door looked AMAZING with all of our beautiful Art work. Yoga was just superb and we look forward to it returning again in term 3!

We performed our Christmas Play, “Ralph the Reindeer” in December. All of the hard work and practicing paid off- bhí na páistí ar fheabhas ar fad agus bhí an dráma (play) foirfe (perfect)! We also had a visit from ‘Skittle’ the elf in December, and he certainly kept us on our toes for the month!

We lost the incredibly special, irreplaceable, and one of a kind, Mrs O’ Halloran on January 6th 2022. Carrig National School will never be the same again. We were so lucky to know you Mrs O’ Halloran; may your beautiful, unique and gentle soul now rest in eternal peace.

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure; you are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure.”