Autumn in Junior Infants! (Miss Horrigan)

What a busy 8 weeks we’ve had in Junior Infants! Our 19 newest members of the Carrig National School Family have settled in so well, and it has been a real pleasure to work with, and get to know, these boys and girls over the last two months. Here are just some of the things we have gotten up to since we began our educational journey in Carrig N.S.!

Lots of time has been spent working on our fine motor skills, with the help of cutting and tearing, threading, sticking, play-doh, pencil control, art, button and pegboard activities. We planted some lovely Spring bulbs (Daffodils), tested our 5 senses and discussed aspects of Autumn in SESE, including the Hedgehog and the Squirrel. Junior Infants have picked up lots of ‘focail nua’ as Gaeilge and are putting a huge amount of effort into recognising our letter names and sounds, with the help of Jolly Phonics, in English.

Maths Games gave the children an opportunity to work in small groups as the children made (number) jigsaws, played interactive maths games on the whiteboard and played other maths games with Mrs. Comer and Miss Horrigan. We marked Maths Week by working in pairs and finding items in the school yard, e.g. 1 tree, 2 pots, 9 bricks, a circle of stones etc. English Stations once a week also meant that time could be spent working on our sounds (with magnetic letters), listening to lovely stories, playing the headbanz game and practising our mark-making with markers, highlighters, crayons etc. Introducing the concept of Aistear into our classroom routine has also been a lot of fun as we explored the topics of ‘School’ and ‘Halloween’ for the month of October. A typical day in our classroom includes a bit of role-play, messy play, potion making, a story, some Go Noodle, construction, art, mark-making, nursery rhymes/poems, some Games and LOTS of Fun!!!

Happy Halloween from everybody in Junior Infants!

PS: Huge Congrats to Claire, Joey, Fionn and Michael E, who won our Halloween Colouring Competition!