Summer Term in 1st Class 😎

As we returned from our Easter holidays the final term of this school year began. And even though life wasn’t fully back to normal, we still managed to fit in some learning, new adventures and lots of fun Activities 😊 Here’s a little snippet of what we did!

In May we had a student teacher, Miss Comer. We really enjoyed all the fabulous lessons she taught us especially learning about the Maasai tribes of Africa and farming in Ireland! We did beautiful art with her and we created African safari sunset scenes and some crazy cows 😊

For the remainder of May and June we did lots of interesting work with Mrs Murray and Ms Laffan. We travelled to the land down under, Australia and met many unusual native animals and people. We created interesting colourful aboriginal paintings, designed our own boomerangs and compiled animal fact files. We tried to throw a boomerang outside too! We went scuba diving and met such colourful creatures in the Great Barrier Reef!


During the year we worked very hard at our handwriting and by the end of the year we had quite a large portfolio of wonderful writing genres on display in our folders!

Our Wonderful Writing

Instead of a sports day this year we had a sports week! We really enjoyed all the activities including zumba, athletics, orienteering and the highlight of the week…the ice cream van!!

We were very lucky to have a fantastic school tour this year when Adventure world in UL came to Puckane and set up lots of inflatable slides and obstacle courses for us to enjoy!

So once again it was the end of June and the Summer holidays were fast approaching. It was a strange year with lots of restrictions, new routines, sanitizing and adapting but we survived it all and worked hard and tried our best regardless. Well done and thank you 1st class for making us so proud of you all 😊 we enjoyed teaching you and we’ll miss you next year but we’re sure you’ll say hello on the yard or wherever we meet you! Best of luck in 2nd class πŸ‘

Ms Laffan & Mrs Murray