Summer in Senior Infants!

What a busy final term we had in Senior Infants!

Aistear gave us an opportunity to look at some fun and interactive topics:

“The Garden Centre” – We designed our dream garden, painted some daffodils and created some beautiful cherry blossom tree pictures, before getting to work in our very own Garden Centre and planting some Gladioli flower bulbs in our pods. We also planted some vegetable seeds (peas, carrots, lettuce, radish, beetroot etc.) A huge thank you to Trish for her help with this!

“The Doctor’s Surgery” – The future is safe if some of our Senior Infants decide to become involved in the Medical profession when they grow up! Pains, aches, broken bones…nothing was too much for our boys and girls as they took to life in the Doctor’s Surgery as ducks to water!

“Summer/The Beach” – A lot of fun was had with this one as we set-up a ‘beach scene’ in the classroom with our very own towels for sun-bathing, a beach ball for games, a snorkel and some flippers for a spot of diving, a fishing rod and some fish to catch our dinner (!) and a blanket and some essentials for a picnic. The class did a directed drawing of ‘how to draw a lighthouse’ (they turned out top class!), and we had some fun exploring sand and water for the first time this year. Some spectacular summer stencils and and sea turtles were also created in Art.

We were very busy making cards this term; we sent President Higgins some cards to wish him a Happy 80th Birthday in April, taking time to mention his beautiful dogs, Misneach and Bród too. Senior Infants also took the time to create some masterpieces for Liam Sheedy and the Tipp Team as we encouraged them to just “try their best” this season. We also wrote postcards to Miss Talbot, mentioning a recent camping trip. We wrote about ‘Our Heroes’ and made Dinosaur People over the last few weeks aswell.

As ‘May is the month of Mary’, we coloured some beautiful stained class window pictures and wrote some special prayers. We made all the special daddies/grandads/uncles/godfathers etc. in our lives a little something in celebration of “Father’s Day” on June 18th. We also tried a Science experiment entitled “Drawing on Water”…let’s just say that it kinda worked!!!

Our ‘School Tour’ on June 10th in Puckane was one of the best days ever, for both students and teachers alike!! And we finished off the year in style with activities like orienteering, zumba and musical statues as part of our ‘Active Week’, along with a visit from the ice-cream van!

I was so lucky to have 29 unique, special and amazing girls and boys in my class this year. Though I’ll miss you all very much, I wish you all the best in 1st class and I know that you’ll all go on to do great things in life.

Have a great Summer everyone!