Christmas in 2nd Class

It was a busy few months in 2nd Class. We really enjoyed science week back in November. We did lots of experiments , we observed chemical reactions using baking soda and lemon juice which blew up a balloon….that was our favourite. We also cleaned coins using lots of different liquids , we were surprised that coke was the best cleaning product of all! We also carried out the famous ‘bread’ experiment and examined pieces of bread covered in various substances over a week or two. The bread covered in hand sanitizer was the slowest to grow mould! We made lava lamps using oil and water. We also learned all about the solar system and the planets and explored space on the ipads.

We had a student teacher Ms.Fahy teaching us lots of things during November too, we learned lots of things and really enjoyed our art including painting hot chocolate pictures, chalk pictures of the northern lights and the solar system. Ms. Fahy gave us a lovely treat on her last day making us all hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Yum yum yum!

We adopted a snow leopard from Dublin zoo and learned lots about their habitat, diet and adaptations. We really enjoyed doing our research on the ipads.

We have been working hard on our Gaeilge and have been enjoying lots of cluichí Gaeilge in the classroom.

‘Gracie’ our elf arrived in December and we thoroughly enjoyed all her antics and the mischief she got up to. We did lots of Christmas art, making beautiful Christmas decorations, making elves of ourselves, fingerprint snowmen, Christmas cards for the nursing homes and lots more besides. We had a Christmas writing competition and used our very best writing for our stories.

On the day of the holidays we donned our festive gear and sang Christmas carols outside with the rest of the school. After all our hard work we are ready for a nice break , wishing everyone a healthy and happy Christmas from 2nd class.