‘Virtual’ School Tour in Senior Infants!

Senior Infants had lots of fun on their ‘Virtual’ School Tour! We did lots to prepare to ensure that we had the best day ever; we packed our rucksacks, made our lunches, found our Passports, printed our boarding passes, listened to a story, said a poem and got a very good nights sleep because we were travelling all the way to SAN DIEGO….yes, we were going to travel by bus and plane to explore the magical San Diego Zoo, where we would ‘meet and greet’ the Penguins, the Tigers, the Elephants and the Koalas! We even had to deal with a Tiger on the loose before eating our well-deserved lunches!! Here are a few pictures of some of our Seniors getting ready for the ‘Big Day’!

Also included are some pictures of the Gladioli, which we planted in the classroom back in Spring time…look how much they’ve grown!! Well done Senior Infants for taking such good care of your plants!

Have a great Summer!

Miss Horrigan