Winter in Senior Infants!

Senior Infants were lucky enough to have a great Student Teacher in Miss O’ Donoghue for the majority of November. They enjoyed and experienced lots of creative lessons and topics, including ‘The Cafe’ and ‘The Zoo’ in Aistear, Number 7 and 3-D Shape in Maths, making Butter and Shakers in Science and painting beautiful Bears and Butterflies in Art.

We also celebrated ‘Science Week’ by completing a cool experiment each day. The class absolutely LOVED this!

December was all go! Each morning began with a practice for our Christmas Play, “The Sleepy Shepherd”. The children did an AMAZING job on the night, and I’m SO Proud of each and every one of them (a huge thank you to Mrs. Comer for all her help with the Play).

‘Skittle’ the elf also joined Seniors for the month of December, and got up to quite a bit of mischief during his time in our classroom! He enjoyed a dip in the hot-tub, along with visiting Mrs. O’ Halloran’s Office and inviting some ‘friends’ over when we weren’t even there! (see pictures) We completed a Christmas Countdown, had an Advent Calendar and watched a Christmas advertisement daily to help get us in the Christmas mood!

Maths saw us looking at topics like ‘Length’, ‘Width’ and ‘Capacity’ which allowed us to have a bit of fun with estimation/prediction, as we measured the length/width of the classroom with various items (books/feet/cubes), weighed certain items using a balance (food/stationary) and guessed how many egg cups it would take to fill a cup/glass/jug etc. These lessons were interactive and loved by all. English presented us with the opportunity to write a letter to Santa, and to write about what you would do ‘if Santa got stuck in your chimney…’, learn some lovely poems (“A Shy Santa” and “5 Little Christmas Trees”) and hear some magical stories (“The Little Reindeer”, “The Snowman and the Christmas Fairies” and “The Jolly Christmas Postman”). SESE time was spent talking about the ‘North Pole’ and the ‘South Pole’, the ‘Polar Bear’ (and various endangered animals), and ‘Tom Crean’; the class had a lot to contribute to discussions on these topics, which was just super! Our marvellous Winter Art included elves, baubles, stockings, mangers, igloos, penguins and winter trees.

January 2020 saw Senior Infants begin Literacy Lift Off (LLO). The class are really enjoying it so far, and each group is reading to the best of their ability, which is just super! Time was spent on the Narrative writing genre for the past couple of weeks, and the class now know the importance of Characters, Setting, Problem and Solution when discussing this genre, along with the importance of having a beginning, middle and end in a good Story. Maths topics this month included the Numbers 8 and 9, and the class are brilliant at their number stories now. SESE allowed us to explore fascinating topics, including ‘The Olympic Games’ (in the past and present), ‘Making a Bird Feeder’ and ‘Chinese New Year’. We even wrote our names using Chinese symbols, and learned that we were born in the years of the snake and the horse. Aistear granted us a chance to further explore the topic of ‘The Arctic’ this month as the children lived in an igloo, built a fire and caught some fish. ‘The Estate Agents’ was another Aistear theme, and this linked very nicely with our Oral Language topic which saw us chatting about various types of houses and homes, e.g. detached, terraced, bungalow etc. P.E. saw us prove how flexible we are as we demonstrated some Gymnastic skills, Gaeilge time explored ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’, while Religion gave us a chance to speak about the importance of Grandparents and caring for each other/the environment/our school etc. during Catholic Schools Week 2020.

Happy New Year Everybody! Winter was certainly fun and busy; let’s hope Spring will be just as interesting and exciting!