Autumn in Senior Infants!

What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had in Senior Infants! From Aistear to Gaeilge to Fire Safety and Maths Weeks, it’s been all go in our classroom since we returned to school on August 29th. Let’s take a look at some of our recent work/activities:


We’ve started cursive writing in the last few weeks, and Seniors are making a great first attempt at this. Writing Genres discussed include Recount and Procedure; the class and I had a lot of fun demonstrating certain procedures, while the importance of sequencing words and bossy verbs was mentioned when chatting about ‘How to Wash a Baby’ and ‘How to Carve a Pumpkin’. We have also now completed our first Class Reader, “The Big Horse”. The children are looking forward to starting, “What a Mess!” when we return to school in November. Oral Language topics discussed include School, Animals that Hibernate and Halloween/The Witches’ Den.


“Busy at Maths” has certainly kept us busy over the past couple of weeks! From learning about ‘The Story of Six’, to jumping-on on the number line, pattern work and 2-D Shape; we’ve got very good at recognising our numbers and counting since September.


Aistear topics include The School, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Halloween. Stations set-up during Aistear time include Writing, Art, ICT (I-Pads), Construction, Bingo, Role-Play, Cutting and Sticking etc. Aistear time is one of our favourite parts of the day in our room!


We had a lot of fun exploring our Senses back in September. We have also looked at the various rooms in the School Building, the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’, Autumn/the Farmer in Autumn, Bats, the Firefighter, Mixing Colours, Halloween Traditions and the Pumpkin.


To promote Fire Safety Week, we composed and sang a song called, “Fire Safety is Important”. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the competition this year, but we tried our best and that’s what counts!

We had a visit from the Liam McCarthy and James Nowlan Cups in October. We were very excited about this visit, and made flags and jerseys to celebrate the arrival of some of the Tipp Teams on this day.

To celebrate Halloween, we dressed-up in our Costumes on Friday, October 25th. Everybody looked superb! We also enjoyed a bit of apple bobbing aswell!


Happy Halloween from Everybody in Senior Infants!