September in 4th Class

4th class had a fantastic start to the new year during the month of September!

We learned about the legends of ‘The Children of Lir’ and ‘Tír na nÓg’. We rewrote the stories in our own words and drew cartoon pictures to accompany our writing. We then used our iPads to create iMovies based on the stories – Ms. Bergin was so impressed with how well we worked using the the app! Check out our iMovies here on our class padlet:

We learned about native Irish trees and went on a tree trail around our school grounds. We also created tree factfiles in small groups.

We also created some beautiful art this month based on our imaginations, leaves and trees. We planned, constructed and painted Cubist style masks after learning about the famous artitst Pablo Picasso. We also wrote some great fictional recounts based on ‘A Day in the Life of a Tree’. Maith sibh Rang a Ceathair! 😊