Summer in Senior Infants!


May was one of the most exciting months of this School Year for the children and I as we received our very own LIVE CATERPILLARS!!! We watched in anticipation and amazement over the next few weeks as the caterpillars grew (the size of a finger nail to begin with), made their cocoons and transformed into beautiful butterflies (after a long sleep), which we released back into nature before we got our Summer Holidays. Definitely one of the highlights of the year for us all!

May also saw us looking at Data/Tallies in Maths and the children delighted in casting their votes on favourite fruit/colour/shape/movie/superhero etc. before graphing the results. This is certainly one of the most enjoyable and child-friendly topics of the Maths Curriculum for Senior Infants. SiopadĂłireacht agus Lá breithe were our themes as Gaeilge, while lessons on the ‘Venus Fly Trap’, ‘Bogs’, ‘The Lifecycle of the Butterfly’, ‘The Cactus’ and

‘The Okapi’ were thoroughly enjoyed during SESE time.

As May is the month of Mary, we talked about how important Mary was to Jesus, and Coloured some beautiful stained-glass pictures of her. Our Aistear was based on The Restaurant and The Garda Station, which saw no cases of food poisoning and plenty of bad guys being caught! We did a bit of Orienteering in PE, and sang the song, “Red is the Rose” in Music.

Our School Tour to “Tearaways Pet Farm and Activity Centre” took place on Friday, May 31st. There are no words to describe our day except to say it was the BEST DAY EVER! A huge thanks to Mrs. Comer and Patricia (SNA) for all of their help on the day; it wouldn’t have been as fun and memorable without ye!



June was a fairly hectic month, as we tried our best to get the last few bits and pieces finished before the Summer Break. The Beach/Summer was to be our final Aistear topic of the year, and the class adored experimenting at both the sand and water stations during Aistear time. This topic linked nicely with An Trá as Gaeilge, and lessons on ‘The Seaside’ and ‘Sinking and Floating’ in SESE. A lesson on ‘Static Electricity’ with a balloon proved to be very popular this month also!

Maths saw us revising a lot of concepts looked at earlier in the year, while English allowed us the opportunity to listen to and discuss many beautiful stories, e.g. “Davy’s Journey”, “The Race to the Beach”, “The Birthday Party Cake”, “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, “A Holiday Adventure” etc.

Sport’s Day was held on Thursday, June 13th. It was a fantastic day filled with fun, games and lots of laughter. The final week also saw us sampling our potatoes, which we had planted (in a grow-bag) and looked after for the past few months. They were a bit small, but tasted ‘earthy’ and ‘delicious’! We named and released our butterflies, and also got a chance to look as some real-life tadpoles. Our School Year ended on Friday, June 21st with a beautiful Mass, as we gave thanks to God for a productive, happy and healthy academic year.

Enjoy the Summer Holidays everyone!