#biggrow 2019

5th Class took part in the Big Grow Project again this year.

Planting our cress, peas and tomatoes was pretty messy but we didn’t mind!

We watered our plants and left them on a sunny window sill in our classroom to help them grow.  We really enjoyed it although we have found that growing tomatoes is a little tricky!

During our Science lessons we learned more about plants including how they reproduce and all about photosynthesis.  We then learned about many different plants that changed the world.  In groups, we chose one of these plants to investigate further and we presented our projects to our class.

When it had been growing for a while, we tasted the cress (mixed reactions!!) and this week we transplanted our tomato plants into bigger pots.

We hope to harvest our pea shoots soon and we are still keeping our fingers crossed for some tomatoes before the end of the year!