Spring in Senior Infants!


February was a very busy month in our Classroom as we patiently awaited the arrival of Spring. We welcomed Spring by planting some flower bulbs, by learning about the fantastic St. Brigid, and by choosing ‘The Garden Centre’ as one of our Aistear topics. We celebrated Chinese New Year this month (Feb 5th; Year of the Pig) by making beautiful lanterns and by writing our names, using Chinese symbols. We learned some interesting facts about St. Valentine, and made some beautiful cards for our loved ones. Maths this month focused on ‘sequencing’ as we sequenced routines (making a cup of tea), stories (Jack and the Beanstalk) and the days of the week. Senior Infants really enjoyed participating in 10 @ 10, so a huge thank you to Miss Maloney and her 6th class for making it so much fun! Seniors were also lucky enough to participate in a Multi SkillZ workshop with Frank O’ Keefe this month; they had a ball!



We began by learning dhá scéalta in celebration of ‘Féile an Aonaigh’ as Gaeilge this month. We performed them in the Halla (with actions) for the school, and Senior Infants did themselves (and me) very proud. Shrove Tuesday was celebrated by eating some delicious pancakes, before marking Ash Wednesday with a visit to the Church for Mass and some ashes. We took-up exercise (running some laps of the walking track daily) and gave-up our Friday treat for the Season of Lent. Senior Infants managed to run 60 laps of the track during this time…way to go Seniors! We studied the Duck in SESE this month, and learned some very interesting facts about this special animal. “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” was one of our Aistear topics this month; the class really embraced taking on the roles of the various characters at the Role Play station. ‘Time’ was looked at in Maths, and the children loved practically working with their clocks, on a daily basis, to tell/show the o’ clock times. St. Patrick was a topic of discussion this month also, as we learned about him and his early life in Religion, Gaeilge and History. Twirlers, Shamrocks and Shamrock People were made in Art to honour this amazing man. We made some delicious Brown Bread also, and learned a great poem in English called, “We’re Off to See the Moon”. We celebrated all the amazing Mammies/GrannIes this month with “Mother’s Day. “Sr. Essie visited us and was delighted to have the children chat, sing and pray with her. We conducted a cool experiment in Science this month, as we discovered whether or not certain items were waterproof, e.g. newspaper, a biscuit, a glove etc. This lesson was a big hit with everybody in Senior Infants!



April saw Senior Infants complete all of our letters in the cursive format; we will now focus on sentences and making our writing as neat as possible for the remainder of the school year. We studied the ‘Counties of Connacht’ in Geography, and completed a fun treasure hunt in P.E. Many classes in the school completed a ‘School Spring Clean’ on Friday, April 5th; the school looked spotless when we were finished. Our English Oral Language topic for this month was ‘The Vet’, while one of our Aistear topics was “The Doctor’s Surgery”. I think this proved to be one of our most popular Aistear topics this year, as the children gave injections, performed surgery and hobbled around with broken/sprained feet. We looked at ‘Sound’ in SESE, and tried to identify certain sounds, having only heard them briefly for a couple of seconds, e.g. a baby crying, an ambulance, a dog barking etc. This lesson was also favoured by everyone in Senior Infants! We celebrated Easter by having an Easter colouring competition, by completing some fabulous Easter Art, and by having an Easter Draw in our Classroom.

Happy Easter Everybody!