Winter in Senior Infants!



Senior Infants were lucky to have a great Student Teacher for most of November. Mr. Meagher did lots of interesting and exciting activities and lessons with the Class. They learned about 3D Shapes and the Number 7 in Maths, while Éadaí agus An Aimsir were the topics of choice in Gaeilge. English allowed Seniors to write their own short books on the themes of Animals, Transport and Water, while the Story of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” proved to be a popular choice for reading. Our departed loved ones were remembered in a special Religion lesson this month called, “In November We Remember”. S.E.S.E. seemed to go down a treat with lessons such as ‘Water Pollution’, ‘Grandma’s Suitcase’ and ‘The Life Cycle of a Ladybird’ looked at. Art, Drama and Music lessons were also enjoyed very much as the children got the opportunity to do the ‘Grandma Rap’, to try ‘Food Printing’ and to take on the role of ‘The 3 Bears’. S.P.H.E. involved looking at Safety in the Water and on the Road, while P.E. (Station Games) and Aistear (The Garage and The Aquarium) were as popular with Senior Infants as always!

We also looked at the topic of ‘The Post Office’ in Aistear this month, and learned about the journey of a letter. Length and Width were enjoyed thoroughly in Maths as we measured the length and width of our classroom using various items, e.g. books, cubes and lollipop sticks. We made some beautiful Penguins and Igloos in Art, and did some cool Experiments to celebrate ‘Science Week’. The Class also had a visit from Garda Maureen Finnerty, who took their individual finger prints, and discussed the important work of the Gardaí in our Community.



December was a very, very, very, very busy month for the boys and girls in Senior Infants! We practised daily for our Christmas Play, “The Sleepy Shepherd”. Everybody did such as amazing job and I’m so proud of each and every one of them. They sang beautifully, knew all their lines, looked super and made everybody smile on the night – just WOW Seniors!! We wrote our all important ‘Letters to Santa’ this month, and also pondered about what would happen ‘If Santa got Stuck in my Chimney…’. Art involved beautiful Christmas work such as Baubles, Christmas Stockings and Mangers. A visitor arrived in our room for the month of December in the form of ‘Skittle’ our elf. The excitement each morning to find out what Skittle had been up to during the night really brought a nice Christmas feeling into our Classroom. Skittle had a lot of fun in our room, and even watched our Christmas Play on the night with all the Mums and Dads; he gave us 10/10 for our amazing performance! We also watched a Christmas ad or two each day, and it was spectacular to see the children use their imaginations, as they predicted what would happen in the ad, from just hearing the title of it or receiving a simple clue. Our Dancing Display took place in the Halla for all the parents this month also, and it was just super! Weight and Capacity were thoroughly enjoyed in Maths as there were lots of practical aspects to these lessons, i.e. weighing various items and deciding how many egg cups it would take to fill a jug etc. We continue

to work on our joint writing, and learned some beautiful Christmas poems this month, e.g. “A Shy Santa”, “5 Little Reindeer” and “My Snowball”.


Happy New Year Everybody! We, in Senior Infants, would like to wish everybody a happy, healthy and peaceful 2019.

We returned once again to LLO, and the children continue to work very hard at this. ‘Antarctica’ was our Oral Language topic this month, and was easy to link with other subjects, as we spoke about ‘Igloos’, ‘The Story of an Innuit Boy’ ‘Polar Bears’ and ‘Magnets’ in S.E.S.E., while Aistear also evolved around an Igloo. We went on a very exciting ‘Pirate Adventure’ in Drama, as we found some maps, discovered some treasure and completed some jobs aboard our ship. This lesson also linked nicely with some Games played during P.E., i.e. “Ship!Shore!Lifeboat!” and “Captain’s Coming!”. The Numbers 8 and 9 were looked at in Maths, as was the Season of Winter. ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’ was our Téama as Gaeilge, and Senior Infants now know many hobbies in Irish, e.g. ag marcaíocht, ag dreapadh, ag iascaireacht, ag luascadh etc. We are trying our hand at singing the song, “Shotgun”, (as Gaeilge) in Music, and it’s going pretty well. We also started a new S.P.H.E. Programme this month called, “Zippy’s Friends”, and we are all enjoying talking about Tig, Leela and Zippy; it will be interesting to discover what happens to these characters as we progress with the Programme throughout the year.

January was a LONG month, so we are definitely looking forward to the arrival of Spring very soon!