January in second class!

We had a very busy month in January here in second class. We looked at the topic of water and the water cycle in science, the Chinese New Year in geography and fractions in maths. We also worked on Auto-biographical poems in English and these linked with our topic in SPHE too. In art we created some scratch art fireworks and we think that they turned out pretty well! Have a look at some of our displays for the month!0E563BDD-3710-40D9-8DD2-CC4D2FFE4278A2A36CF8-0D35-4106-9688-0041FADB382A01D18DB2-3150-4A4F-82B1-0CC92E84426175C43962-7690-425A-B117-B047B9FA02C37A3CC8BD-A9C7-4150-850F-166D65E4954F93FD36B1-9041-481A-90A3-013FD8E06B6109D420D8-A913-4B23-B10C-040425339274BA142AC4-E680-4BEC-89B6-F456256B37EAF6B51C4D-5AF7-4BEB-AAC1-9824925C888FE413C07B-007C-4F5D-BBAE-B951727ECC7C