November in 4th Class

Wow, we have had a busy month since getting back to school after the midterm! The class want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us during the MS Readathon – we raised a lot of money for such a great cause and Ms. Bergin was SO proud of how many books we all read! Maith sibh Rang a Ceathair! ☺️

We had a lot of fun learning about Irish mammals this month – we worked in pairs to research different mammals on the iPads and discover facts. We then wrote reports based on a mammal of our choice – so many teachers have commented on how neat our handwriting has gotten!


As part of this topic, we also created hedgehog huts during Science. We figured out that we’d have to make the huts waterproof and insulated and cleverly thought up to use styrofoam and plastic to ensure this. We also painted the huts in camouflage colours to allow them to blend in. Here’s hoping some lucky hedgehogs get cosy inside during the winter months!

4th class also learned about the Romans and Italy this month. We created Roman mosaic pictures and ‘Modern Day Mona Lisas’ during Art – how creative were some of our ideas!

We also researched Italy to create group reports, wrote postcards from our imaginary visit to the country and tested our knowledge of what we’ve learned using a fun quiz app called Kahoot! on the iPads.