October in Senior Infants!

We were very busy preparing for Halloween during the month of October in Senior Infants! We made some spectacular spooky skeletons, along with some crazy black cats,perfect pumpkins and some wonderful wizard and witches hats.

“The School” was one of our Aistear topics this month, and the children loved taking on the roles of the various people found within the school community, e.g. Teacher, SNA, Principal, Secretary, Caretaker etc. They took their roles very seriously and really gave it their all. “Halloween” was our second Aistear topic this month, and the class made some magical potions for this special occasion, using frog’s legs, rat’s tails, spiders etc. Miss Horrigan was very lucky that the class didn’t cast a magic spell on her!

We did a short Maths Trail to celebrate Maths Week, and had some fun counting our jumping jacks and basketball bounces when outside.

We continue to work very hard on our handwriting, and one of our letters this month was o. We also looked at q and s in cursive format.

2-D Shape was our topic in Maths, and we made some creative 2-D pictures using circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.

We talked all about Halloween in the past in History, and learned that people in Ireland long ago used to use turnips instead of pumpkins. We also chatted about Halloween in other Countries during our Geography lesson; we now know that Halloween in Poland is really a time for visiting the Graveyard and remembering loved ones, who have died. The Life Cycle of the Pumpkin was discussed in Science, as were the various parts of the pumpkin, i.e. the vine, the stem, the leaf and the pumpkin.

We dressed-up in our Halloween costumes and played some fun Halloween games on the day we got our holidays. Bobbing for Apples and Snap Apple/ Snap Marshmallow went down a treat!