Celebrating Tetra Pak National Tree Day in Junior Infants!

Tetra Pak Tree Day 2018 took place on Thursday, 4th October. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Be nature nice! or Bí dóighiúil don dúlra!”. It’s all about thinking twice about the things we do and use everyday and making better choices for the environment.

It’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference like choosing packaging that comes from renewable resources, recycling, cutting down on food waste and of course, being kind to our trees because they’re so kind to

Junior Infants planted a special native Irish tree called Guelder-rose. It is a great tree to encourage the bees to pollinate. This helps the plants to grow, breed and produce food.

We chose to plant our tree beside the large side gate to our school. While Miss Boland initially had some difficulty in digging the hole, trying to get passed the rock – we are the school on the rock after all!- we eventually managed to dig a hole and plant the tree. We then watered our Guelder-rose.


The following day we asked our caretaker Willie to help us make our tree more secure so that it can withstand the wind. Luckily he was more than willing to assist us!

Hopefully our tree will mature and grow and will be a reminder to us all in years to come of the Junior Infant class of 2018-2019!

P.S. Can you spot the giant worm that popped out of the ground to say hello while we were planting our Guelder-rose?!