The Senses in Senior Infants!

What a busy month we’ve had in Senior Infants! We learned all about “The Senses” in Science, and some of our students were brave enough to test their sense of Taste. These volunteers were blind-folded and had to identify the food they were eating, depending simply on their sense of taste. Some of the food items tasted included an orange, a cucumber, a jaffa cake, a marshmallow, a green pepper and some cereal. We also tested our sense of Touch. Other children were once again blind-folded, and their task was to identify the item in their hands, simply from feeling and touching it. Items for this task included a paint brush, a wooden spoon, a tea towel and a packet of biscuits. We checked our sense of Smell by identifying unknown substances in plastic cups, e.g. shampoo, marmalade, lemon juice and ketchup. This was lots of fun!We also looked at our Sense of Hearing by listening to short sounds on the computer, e.g. somebody laughing, a dog barking, a baby crying, somebody pouring water into a jug etc. Some of the sounds were tricky, but the Senior Infants concentrated really hard and managed to identify all of the sounds correctly. Well done everyone! We checked our sense of Sight by blind-folding some of the class, spinning them around once or twice, and moving them safely from one part of the room to another, having listened to some simple directions, i.e. turn right, take 5 big steps forward, then take 10 tiny steps to the left etc. This was a very enjoyable lesson for everyone, including Miss Horrigan!

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