Maths in 4th Class

4th class completed a Maths Trail over two days around our classroom and the school and church grounds to revise the learning we’ve completed so far this year. The trail consisted of tasks which targeted the number, shape and space, measures and data strands of the maths curriculum. The children worked in groups to complete tasks.

We measured the lengths and widths of items in our classroom, the basketball court and the astroturf. We could then calculate the perimeter and area of these and compare their sizes.

We collected data based on the staff cars in the car park; we searched for the newest / oldest cars, most popular car colour and in what county most cars were purchased. We also used the registration numbers of cars to complete some tricky addition activities.

We searched for different 2D and 3D shapes around the school grounds, as well as examples of different lines (parallel / perpendicular / diagonal, etc.) and angles (obtuse / acute / right)

We also used estimation skills to guess how many children with arms spread could fit across our yard area. Finally we searched for dates associated with the school and completed a number of tricky word problems based on the history of the school that we collected on our travels. The maths trail was a huge success; the groups worked excellently together and used clever thinking and methods to complete the tasks.

We’ve also been enjoying using technology as part of our maths station teaching on Fridays – we can revise using fun apps on the iPads and practise number skills targeted to our individual abilities by completing tasks on Khan Academy!